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e-Procurement Technologies Ltd

India’s Leading end to end eProcurement Solution Provider

An ISO 27001 Certified Company
e-Procurement Technologies Ltd. is India’s First & Only ISO 27001 eProcurement company that offers complete end to end eProcurement solutions & services which includes Leading Portals & Market Places & eProcurement Solutions & Services.

Biggest Team & Pan India Network
We are a Team of 150 People & network of another 150 business associates who run & manage a very successful eProcurement company and TenderTiger.com. We are based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat with presence across India & Abroad.

The Largest Tender Portal
TenderTiger is the world’s largest aggregator of Tenders which tracks 1 Million+ Tenders/Annually, That’s roughly 5000 Tenders EVERY DAY from across the World. We have more than 10,000+ Satisfied Customers.

To know more about our company, please download our corporate brochure: Click to download corporate brochure Pdf zipped file less than 1 MB in size

Portals & Market Places

Tenders Portal
India’s No. 1 tender portal offers tenders information published by different government departments, PSUs, Corporate, Institutes, Educational trusts etc. across India and worldwide.

Why TenderTiger.com?
  • Tracks more than 1 Million+ tenders per annum
  • 10,000+ satisfied clients
  • Advanced tender filter
  • Trusted Tender Publishing service provider

The aim is to provide the most comprehensive list of Tender documents at a click of a button which keep getting updated at a lightning speed. This will be backed by excellent service and delivery standards which fulfills the need of "Tenders on Demand" through a media of their choice namely web and email. More than 9000 subscribers are currently availing the benefits of our services. Subscribers are being notified daily about tenders of their areas of interest via email or they can access www.TenderTiger.com by logging in with their respective login id & password.

In order to have a stiff competition, Government Organizations / PSUs / Corporate can publish their tender notice along with tender documents and corrigendum on dedicated tender information portal.

Projects Portal   (www.ProjectsTiger.com)
Unique project information portal, offering vital project information of all industries to cater all business communities.

We capture the information on upcoming projects, expansions and capital expenditure on daily basis from the reliable sources. Projects are tracked from all sectors and classified under exhaustive business categories. To keep the subscribers updated, key statistical information and current status of the project is being tracked.

Subscribers are being notified about projects of their choice daily via email or they can access www.ProjectsTiger.com by logging in with their respective login id & password.

To know more log on to www.ProjectsTiger.com

Catalogue / B2B Portal
In this competitive world, one has to remain constantly updated about the latest requirements & demands of the industry. Users can advertise their products by publishing their product catalogues online as well as publish their buy and sell leads online to get maximum response in lieu of their requirement. The marketplace connects prospective buyers & sellers, irrespective of geographical locations, thus making it ideal for large and small enterprises.

In addition, we offer services that make them valuable to prospective buyers:
  • Content, such as product knowledge, news, and industry articles.
  • Integrated Online Payment Gateway
  • Featured Product Listing
  • Buyer and seller ratings.
  • Logistics services.
We also offer industry specific standard template based websites which any user can create on his own and in which the user can showcase the entire profile of his company for a very nominal sum. We also give priority based listing to our subscribers which would help them in the market making of their buy/sell leads. The services are offered under the banner of Tendertiger.com (eProcurement Technologies Pvt Ltd).

Market Making Servies
Under this category, we help different corporate / departments to identify prospective bidders for their tenders/auctions, etc. We inform the bidders who fall under that particular category from our vendor database. As a result of this, the tendering authority gets maximum competition and hence better prices for the same.

eProcurement Solutions & Services

eTendering Suite
e-Tendering is the latest phenomena which is being followed by different Government departments, PSU’s, Corporate etc. and this trend is likely to be picked up much faster in the days to come. In this mechanism, the complete cycle of tendering is conducted online right from the floating of the NIT to the evaluation of the bids and finally to the tender award. E-Tendering simplifies government procurement and helps bring in Transparency, efficiency and economy. It’s a completely PKI enabled product that uses Digital Certificates incompliance with Asian Development Bank & World Bank e-Procurement Guidelines. Further it complies with CVC guidelines and Information Technology Act 2000, India in totality.

In this module, different departments who chose our mode of e-tendering module publish their tenders online along with the uploading of tender documents on to our site which can be freely viewed by any of the prospective bidders who can download the same and study the feasibility of the tender work. The bidders then submit their bids online after which the department people evaluate the same based on different pre-defined criteria at a pre-defined time.

The major benefit that comes with e-tendering is the competition that it brings along with it due to which it brings in better competitive prices. It also brings in transparency, efficiency and cost reduction to the entire tendering procedure. Similarly the tenders so published are not being missed by any of the prospective bidders due to the distance being criteria for the same. Lastly it reduces hassles involved in communication and administration.

eAuction Suite
e-Auction is the best negotiation tool currently available in the market to fetch in better prices for disposal or procurement of goods due to its unique feature which allows the bidders to revise their bids as many times as they want within the pre-defined time to stay in competition.

Forward Auction
In this mode of auction, the authority floating the auction intends to dispose of some of their materials (scrap) to the prospective buyers. The buyers can revise their bids as many times by incrementing their last bid by a pre-defined value. And finally when the auction is over, the bidder quoting the highest price bags the order.

Reverse Auction
This is an extension of the tendering process, the only difference being that the bidders can revise their bids as many times during the auction period to stay in competition. The prospective sellers revise their bids by decrementing their last bid by a pre-defined value. When the auction time is over, the seller who quotes the lowest is considered as the winner.

Both PKI and Non-PKI version are available for our e-auction engine. We have an auto extension facility available wherein whenever a bid is received within the last five minutes, the auction time automatically gets extended by another ten minutes. This is to give equal opportunity to other bidders who might be interested to revise their quotes. Similarly our engine has the features of pause auction, proxy bidding, graphical reports etc. Our engine is very easy to use having a single screen interfaces and also supports different variants of auction like English, Dutch, and Yankee, Rank auction, Mask – Unmasked, Open-Limited etc.

e-RFX is the name coined for the three requisition tools namely Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ), and Request for Information (RFI).

In this module, the buyer requests for an information to be furnished for any particular product/services.

This module is particularly applicable where the procurement value is low and useful whenever there is an urgency (short time) to procure the item.

This module is just another version of e-tendering but can be considered as a combination of RFI & RFQ. This is also applicable when the time is short for procurement of any item.

Supplier Registration
This mechanism is to facilitate the departments / corporate to maintain their supplier database. The organization which subscribes to this service can categorize the suppliers based on their products such that whenever any requirement for any particular product/services arises, the intimation regarding the same can be reached out to the prospective suppliers. The organizations can also grade their vendors based on their past performance on any defined parameters. With this service, any organization can centrally manage their vendor database and can promote any of their procurement events.

ERP, E-Procurement Integration
 eProcurement consultancy
If you are running an ERP in your organization then we can help you integrate our e-Procurement suite with your software such that your procurement cycle becomes a seamless affair. Over and above this, we can customize the software as per your business requirement. We have a dedicated and a fairly large & experienced software team to offer this service.
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