Sector : Business Consultancy Tender Value : 280 Crore
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No : 28413413
Closing Date : 04 - Apr - 2018
Topographical Survey & Geotechnical Investigation, Detailed Engineering, Construction Of National Institute Of Unani Medicine, And Other Residential/Non-Residential Buildings Including Civil, Plumbing, Sewage Treatment Plant (stp), Electrical, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (hvac), Lifts, Bmas, Dg Sets, Solar Water Heating System, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm System, Drainage & Waste Management, Public Health Engineering Including Rain Water Harvesting, Medical Gas Pipelines, Medical Waste Disposal, External Development, Public Address System, Fire Alarm, Internal And External Electrification, It, Hospital Information System And Hospital Management Information System, Medical/Lab/Process Equipment, Web Portal, Logo, Ambulance And Mortuary Services, Horticulture Works, Furniture Planning And Procurement Including All Statutory And Local Bodies Approvals/Clearances To Start, Occupy And Commission The Buildings And Services, Medical Or Other Equipment Planning, Kitchen, Laundry, Cssd, Furniture, Interiors Layout And Other Relevant Allied Services Including Repair If Any During Defect Liability Period And Completion Report.
Sector : Computer Hardwares and Consumables Tender Value : 125 Crore
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 27506792
Closing Date : 28 - Mar - 2018
Draft RFP for Supply, Installation and Maintenance of ‘Pehchan’ Kiosks
Sector : Computer Hardwares and Consumables Tender Value : 100 Crore
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 28408626
Closing Date : 18 - Apr - 2018
Request for Proposal For Selecting An Agency For It Fms Team For Bhamashah State Data Centre Jaipur And Dr Site
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : 94.50 Crore
Location : Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No : 28382445
Closing Date : 04 - Apr - 2018
ETS Survey, GEO Technical Investigation, Design and Construction of Judicial Complex in G+2 Building with approximate BUA of 2,25,000 Sqft. with foundation of G+5 Stories with RC column frame structure, Architectural Finishes, Internal Electrical, Internal Plumbing HVAC,IT and BMS works including Three Years Defect Liability Period under EPC system at Nelapadu of Government Complex,
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : 72.99 Crore
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 28389170
Closing Date : 28 - Mar - 2018
Appointment of IT Implementation Agency by MSEDCL under IPDS i. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of IT Infrastructure (New Servers, Storage, Networking, Security Equipment & other related hardware/software, etc.) at Data Center (Mumbai) & Disaster Recovery Center (Nagpur) as per requirements mentioned in Tender in Virtualized & Non-virtualized Environment. ii.Integration of new servers, storage, Network, Security equipment, Backup solution and other hardware with entire infrastructure at DC & DR (including Legacy Systems hardware & software). Integration of existing Radware Defence Pro,Radware Link Load Balancer and Radware Appwall in new environment with Fibre Connectivity . iii.During installation, commissioning, migration, etc, bidder has to ensure full back to back OEM support. Installation and integration should be done by OEM in coordination with MSEDCL Team & Bidder Migration of Software Applications, Data, Databases & other Products shall be done by Bidder from Old Environment to New Environment. During migration if application level changes are required shall be done by MSEDCL. Bidder has to ensure full back to back OEM support during migration. iv.Implementation of DC-DR replication and Migration of existing Sanovi Replication v.Supply, Installation and Commissioning of IT Infrastructure at 124 IPDS Towns as per Bill of Quantity (Appendix B) and as per Specifications mentioned in Appendix C (MSEDCL Definitions). vi.24x7x365 days Comprehensive Warrantee and Guarantee of proposed IT Infrastructure with Premium OEM Support and Maximum Response Time of 15 Minutes and Maximum Resolution Time within 4 hrs including Software/Hardware replacement for the period of 3 Years. vii.Annual Technical Support of existing Microsoft licenses for 3 Years. viii.Upgrade to latest version of Microsoft Software Products (e.g. Windows Operating System, MS SQL etc.). During application level changes if any, OEM support must be provided by bidder.
Sector : Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tender Value : 26 Crore
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 26283562
Closing Date : 28 - Mar - 2018
Providing 120 IT Professionals for PFMS Development and Implementation for a period of two years.120 IT Professionals
Sector : Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value : 20.20 Crore (approx.)
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 28402704
Closing Date : 21 - Apr - 2018
Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contract of Pressurized (for Micro Irrigation) Pipe Line Distribution Network for ICA 980 Ha for Sub Chak of Maximum up to 3 ha with Minimum 20m Residual Head at Farm level for Micro-Irrigation including Surveying, Disigning, Drawing, Surge Analysis, Constructing Pump House Supply of 11 KV Line, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of Pumps, Transformer & SCADA Automation System to Control Entire Irrigation Network, Formation of WUA Maintaining the system for 60 months after Completion at Takali Kalan Minor Irrigation Project.
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : 19.18 Crore
Location : Multi State - India Ref.No : 28388266
Closing Date : 25 - Apr - 2018
Supply, installation and implementation of integrated SAP ERP system at integral coach factory on turnkey basis.
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : 14.42 Crore (approx.)
Location : Multi State - India Ref.No : 28413143
Closing Date : 21 - Mar - 2018
Supply, installation and commissioning of different types of SMPS based IPS
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : 11.34 Crore
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 28388306
Closing Date : 26 - Mar - 2018
MSEDCL has installed single phase and three phase RF Meters i.e. meters having in-built RF port as communication port at Pune, Kalyan, Nashik and Bhandup Zone. Out of which approx. 4.61 lakh RF meters are installed in RF dominated PCs. The bidder has to provide RF DCU solution for monthly reading of RF Meters in RF dominated PCs of sub-divisions in Bhandup, Kalyan, Nashik and Pune zones. All Single phase and three phase RF Meters including Zigbee RF and 6LowPAN RF Meters installed within contract period in RF dominated PCs, will be considered in the scope of bidder. The scope of work involves following activities. 1. Supply and Installation of DCU 2. Commissioning of RF Meters 3. Meter Data Downloading 4. Troubleshooting and maintenance of RF Networks.
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