Sector : Water Storage and Supply Tender Value : 18.21 Crore (approx.)
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No : 29581296
Closing Date : 04 - Jun - 2018
On Turnkey Basis For Sultanpur Nagar Palika Parisad Re-Organisation Water Supply Scheme (Remaining Works Under Amrut).
Supply Of All Materials Labours And T And P For Laying And Jointing Of Distribution System Making H.C. And Installation Of Domestic W.M. Complete (C.W.) And Also Including Automation Through Scada Of Tws Ohts Zps And Other Related E And M Works
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : 6.28 Crore (approx.)
Location : Multi State - India Ref.No : 29578641
Closing Date : 18 - Jun - 2018
Thick web switches and weldable cms crossings 98 nos.
renewal of turnout with thick web switches fan-shaped layouts and weldabe cms crossing.
Proposed deep screening form km. 560 to 585.50, 610 to 612, 626 to 638. 642 to 664, 668 to 715 and 736 to 740 kms in patches for length of 113.50 kms between londa miraj section
proposed deep screening of loo line in senior divisional engineer west hubballi jurisdiction.
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : 5.40 Crore (approx.)
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 29579143
Closing Date : 18 - Jun - 2018
Thick web switches and weldables CMS crossing 98 nos.
through renewal of turn out with thick web switches, fan shaped layouts and weldables CMS crossing 50 seats.
proposed deep screening from kms in patches for length of 113.50 kms between londa miraj section.
proposed deep screening of loop line in senior divisional engineer/west jurisdiction.
Sector : Road Transport Services Tender Value : 5.18 Crore
Location : Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No : 29580019
Closing Date : 20 - Jun - 2018
The selection of a computer agency for providing 4 system Analysts and 147 programmers in the office of the regional Transport offices and unit offices and office of the state Transport authority
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : 2.10 Crore (approx.)
Location : Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No : 29579495
Closing Date : 28 - Jun - 2018
Provision of LVCD and IBS axle counter through Railway OFC also (Work through OFC and 6 quad cable ) by providing EI convertor in K.K. Line and main line IBS Axle Counter of Waltair Divn. And Provision of GIS mapping of 6 quad/OFC Cable in WAT Divn. Section (1) KTV - MVW (1 No) (2) KPL - IBS (2 No) (3) IBS - ALM (3 No) (4) ALM - KUK (3 No) (5) IBH - NML (2 No) (6) NML - IBH (2 No) (7) IBH - GVI (2 No) (8) GVI - CPP (2 No) (9) CPP - IBH (2 No) (10) IBH - SGDM (2 No) (11) SGDM - PDU (2 No) (12) PDU - DUSI (2 No) (13) DUSI - CHE (2 No) (14) CHE - ULM (2 No) (15) ULM - TIU (2 No) (16) TIU- IBH (2 No) (17) IBH - KBM (2 No) (18) KBM - IBH (2 No) (19) IBH - NWP (2 No) (20) NWP - IBH (2 No) (21) IBH - PUN (2 No) (22) PUN - IBH (2 No) (21) IBH - PSA (2 No)
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : 1.92 Crore (approx.)
Location : Haryana - India Ref.No : 29573116
Closing Date : 05 - Jun - 2018
Provision of ABT meter with telemetry, including CT/PT of 0.2S class at 09 Nos. Grid sub stations in Punjab in Northern Region.
Sector : Animal and Animal Feeds Tender Value : 1.88 Crore (approx.)
Location : Rajasthan - India Ref.No : 29575901
Closing Date : 30 - May - 2018
Procurement of Tablets.
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : 1.81 Crore (approx.)
Location : Gujarat - India Ref.No : 29575684
Closing Date : 04 - Jun - 2018
Purchase of Android Mobile and portable Bluetooth Printer.
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : 1.68 Crore (approx.)
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 29572694
Closing Date : 15 - Jun - 2018
Auction Of Obsolete/ Unserviceable Items - Reti 12 ", Reti 8", New Lab Water Bath, UPS 1 KVA, Computer Table, UPS Luminious, Helium Gas Cylinder, UPS, Laminar Flow, Voltage Stablizer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Voltage Stablizer, Heating Block, Stablizer, Microprocessor Gene Controller, Precision Balance, UV Spectrophotometer, Lock, Visitor Chairs, Thermal Cycler PCR, Revolving Chair, Lock, Platform Shaker, Gem Refrigerator, Techn Elisa Reader, Power Pack, Water Puriification System, Centrifuge Remi, Hp Laserjet Printer, U V Gel Documentation With Accessories, Liquid Bio Fermenter 3 L (CZ4BUND00 3n), With Redox Sensor And Amplifier, Sunflower Heater (Heat Converter), Revolving Steel Stools, Water Filter Bajaj 20Lt, Western Blot System Above, Matrix Gel Rocker (Plate From Shaker 30x30cm), Spectrophotometer Specromic Genesis 10 Cv Vis With, Built In Printer No. 335903 P-02, Electric Heater, 1KVA UPS 30 Minutes With Battery, Hp Laser Jet Printer, Water Bath Model 9102, Digital Photocopier Machine, U V Gel Documentation With Accessories, Harison Lock, Digital Camera, Invalid Microscope No. 194851 With Lamp Holder No.404242, Hot Air Blower Bajaj, HP Color Scanner 2400, 1 KVA Offline UPS, PH Meter, Dell Mobile Computer System, Desert Cooler, Electrophoresis Unit Along With Complete Electrobloting Unit, Refrigerated Centrifuge, PCR Machine ( T- Personal Comlei), Heating Mantal With Energy Regulator, Distillation Set, Aqua Soft Water, Safty Control, Computer P-IV Laser Pinter, Glass Bead Sterilizer, Electrophorsis Power Supply, Cyber Scan Ph Meter, Moniter 20 " Tft, Lab Stool, Lab Stool, UPS 625, Revolving Stool, Sonicator 4000 Ultra, Sony Voice Recorder, Weighing Balance, Ultra Sonic Cool Air Humidity, Freeze Dryer, Gas Cylinder With Regulator, Electric Heater, Electric Heater, Deep Freeze Model, Ganesh Hand Sprayer, Magnetic Stirr, Sprayer, Insect Colony Cage, Steel Almirah, Stereoscope Microscope, Wheel Chair, Revolving Stool, Revolving Chairs, UPS 600 Va, Steel Chair, Steel Table Big, Desert Cooler, Digital Camera, Hot Air Oven, Wooden Almirah, Plasa Lock, Exhaust Fan, Lock Brass, Pentium Computer Set, Ph Meter With Digital Display, UPS 500 KVA Luminious, UPS 600VA Luminous, Steel Chair, Wooden Stool, Wooden Chair, Wall Mounting Fan, Illuminator And Microscope Lamp With Transformer, Avanti Campreeti List, Table Lamps, Steel Chair, Harison Lock, 02-09-2011, Desert Cooler, Foot Sprayer, Lock N Chair, Line Interactive UPS 1 KVA 800, CVT UPS, Foot Sprayer, Almirah Steel, Wall Fan, Distillation Set, Centrifuge Machine With Variable Ed Controller And Timer, Angled Rotor, Steel Almirah, Kelvinator Refrigerator, Wooden Table, , CVT 500 VA, Desert Cooler, Hot Plate, Kelvinator Refrigerator, Book Self, Steel Rack, Revolving Chair, Steel Rack, Chair With Arm, Sigma High Speed Centrifuge, Computer Table, UPS Luminious, Foot Sprayer, Steel Table Big, Air Cooler, Godrej Navtal Lock, Book Case Steel, Steel Chair, Harison Lock, Steel Bucket, Steel Trunk, Brass Sprayer, Water Cooler Bluestar, Aquaguard, Cooler Stand, Angle Rack For Chemicals, Cooler With Exhaust Fan, Motor Pump Hp, Power Supply, Power Supply, Voltage Stablizer, Floor Cleaning Machine, Hot Air Oven With Accessories, Steel Table, Aluminium Sause Pan, Aluminium Sause Pan Big Size, Induction Heater, UPS (8 Battery) 2KVA, Steel Book Self, Platform Rocker, Double Distillation, UV Tranransilluminator, Speed Pump, Electronic Analytical Balance BSA, Circulating Water Bath, Desert Cooler, Hot Plate, Hot Plate, Index Card Cabinet, Illuminator For Microscope With Transformer, Steel Almirah, Steel Almirah, Lock, Electronic Heater Double Rod, BOD Incubator With Humidifer, Lock 7 Lever, Water Filter RO, Executive Chair, Steel Table, Wodden Chair With Arms, Intel P IV Computer, AC Split Type 1.5 Ton, Voltage Stablizer, Mini Sub Cell System Power, Vortex Shaker, Revolving Chair, Hot Lamination M/C, Electric Thermal Banal Avanti, Wooden Table Fixture, Steel Table, Auto Clave, Air Compressor, Water Chiller, Computer Peripheries, Oxygen Cylinder, Liquid Fermenter, Plastic Stool, UPS 800V, Ganesh Hand Spray, Hot Plate, Oven, Extension Board, Electric Heater, Electric Heater, Roso Industrial Monocular Microscope, Steel Almirah, Steel Chair, Air Conditioner, Ganesh Hand Sprayer, Pentium Based Work Station, Desert Cooler With Exhaust Fan, Wheather Data Relorder, Computer Table, Hp Laser Jet Printer, Chair Computer, UPS 1KVA, UPS 3KVA, Foot Sprayer, UPS 1KVA, UPS 1KVA Online Samtek, Wall Fan, Steel Book Case, Steel Table, Steel Chair, Ganesh Hand Sprayer, Aluminium Saucepan 2 LT With Cap And 5 Lt, Steel Rack, Lab Stool With Hydrolic Lock, Refrigerated Vertical Deep Freeze, Laminar Flow, Wild M5A Stereo Microscope, Electric Heater, Voltage Stabilizer 4KVA, Bajaj Wall Fan, Olympus Digital Microscope, Canteen Burner With Regulator, HP Scanner, Digital Camera.
Sector : Telecommunication Services / Equipments Tender Value : 1.59 Crore (approx.)
Location : Chhattisgarh - India Ref.No : 29574660
Closing Date : 04 - Jun - 2018
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